Our 2020 location will, for our third year, be Insole Court! This beautiful gothic style 19th Century estate is in Llandaff in north Cardiff. Just a short trip from the city centre, but Insole Court feels like it’s a long way away from the metropolitan hustle and bustle. As soon as you turn down the tree lined driveway you feel a hundred miles away from the city. Set in tranquil gardens, both formal and wild, it is a hidden gem.

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It was built in the 1850s for the Insole family. It is now owned by Cardiff Council and is used for a wide selection of classes and activities. We will mainly be in the beautiful Stable Yard for the weekend, in some of the fully refurbished and modernised, bright and airy rooms.

You can find out more about the location, including more detailed instructions on how to reach it, by visiting www.insolecourt.org