Once again we are blessed to have secured the attendance of four wonderful tutors who are bringing you a very tempting selection of classes – how will you narrow down your choice? On the booking form you will have the opportunity to rank your classes in order of preference and then we will try very hard to fit you all in to your preferred classes – it can get like a giant, elaborate 3D jigsaw at times though, and involves a lot of post-it notes, ingenuity and patience!

Angela Hart

yarnnyarns on IG


Angela is the owner of the online yarn shop Yarn n Yarns, based in Penarth, South Wales, where she stocks lovely commercial and hand dyed yarns, notions and accessories. She also has a fantastic YouTube channel of the same name where she shares all of her knitting, spinning, weaving, crochet and business news. Those that enjoy her content can also sign up to her Patreon account for extra content. A stalwart of The Knit-Tea Retreat since we started in 2018, we are thrilled to welcome her as a tutor in 2022!

Beginners Crochet Amigurumi

In this workshop you will start making an easy amigurumi toy. You will need basic crochet skills. Ange will guide you through choosing your yarn, tension considerations, the common shapes and techniques used in amigurumi, stuffing and attaching parts. Ange will provide a printed pattern, you will need to supply your own crochet hook, yarn and stuffing.

Introduction to Drop Spindling
In this workshop you will go from fibre to finished yarn! Suitable for complete beginners, Ange will talk you through spindle types, fibre choice, park and draft and drop spinning, spinning and plying your singles. If time allows, there will be different fibre preparations for you to sample. There are 2 options for this class: bring your own spindle and fibre, or for a small extra charge Ange can provide them for you.
Fun with Fibre
Are you interested in learning how to prepare your own fibre? In this workshop Ange will guide you through getting started on a drum carder, blending board, hand cards and wool combs. These are expensive bits of kit so this is an ideal opportunity to play with fibre prep and see if it’s for you. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it. You will need to supply your own fibre, or buy some from Ange on the day.

Bethan @joyhousecreations

joyhousecreations on IG


Bethan is the founder of Joy House Creations. She finds joy in the unfolding of slow processes in creating something beautiful that can’t be hurried. Her studies at Cardiff Met University and a trip to India inspired her to use her hands and traditional skills as a form of gentle resistance to consumerism.

Lino Printing Workshop
Enjoy slowing down with Bethan of Joy House Creations in her lino printing workshop, giving you the opportunity to try something new and maybe even gain another mindful hobby! In this workshop you’ll be guided through the basics of lino printing and will leave with your own hand carved lino cutting, the skills to create more designs at home, and your own set of 10 eco-friendly A6 cards printed with your bespoke design.

Kath Andrews


Kath lives in North Wales and loves to knit, spin, sew, make bobbin lace and embroider. She believes in the therapeutic benefits of knitting and is rarely seen without needles in hand. She designs, and teaches knitting workshops, both in-person and online. Her skills have been honed by her City and Guilds qualification in Hand Knit Design, completed in 2013.

Cast on, Cast Off: Beginning and Ending Well
Learn a range of different cast on and cast off techniques and which might work best in different situations. You will leave the class with the beginnings of your own little reference library of samples which you can attach to your handout. A great choice for knitters that like to tinker with patterns, or who are toying with starting to design. 

Moebius Knitting

Understand and learn to create the unique structure of a true moebius ring and how this technique can be used for wonderful neckwear and more. Learn the Moebius cast on and create a simple headband.

Stacked Stitches
Knitting with stacked stitches (stacking increases on top of each other within the same row) creates amazing shapes and patterns to your knitting whilst still only using one colour at a time. Fabulous textures can also be achieved. If you were tempted by Xandie Peters Fox Paws stole, this workshop is for you!

Kath will be offering 3 workshops at our Cardiff Retreat on 22nd & 23rd October: Stacked Stitches, Moebius Knitting, and Cast on & Cast Off.

Find Kath on IG as @kath_andrews_designs, and her website here:

Lisa Hassan-Scott



Lisa has been teaching mixed ability Yoga classes for 16 years and has a passion for making Yoga a part of daily life. She teaches in Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan, both in person and via Zoom, giving students tools they can take away with them and into their own lives. She is also an avid knitter and spinner, finding inspiration in the patterns, textures and colours of nature.

Yoga for Crafters

This workshop will help you bring about awareness of your body during your crafting practice. We will explore strength and flexibility focusing on common problem areas for crafters such as shoulder pain, hand and wrist pain, backache and headache. Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, learn how yoga practice in your daily life can ensure a mindful and pain-free making experience.

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Bookings for the October retreat go live on Saturday 17th September at midday for our newsletter subscribers, and on Sunday 18th September for the public.