Inclusivity and Behaviour Policy

Our knitting retreats, marketplaces and all of our online spaces (website, Zoom rooms, Instagram account, The Knit Tea Society online community and Facebook page) are welcoming places of inclusivity.

  • We welcome and respect people who identify as BIPOC.
  • We welcome and respect all genders and sexualities.
  • We welcome and respect members of all religions.
  • We welcome and respect all those with disabilities, both visible and invisible.

We do not condone, tolerate or respect those who are intolerant, disrespectful and discriminatory towards others. We will moderate our online spaces to do our best to keep them a safe and welcoming place to be.

Our retreat attendees, vendors and marketplace attendees are subject to this Inclusivity and Behaviour Policy which is also included in our booklet provided to the retreat attendees and vendors, and is printed on signs displayed in our in-person marketplaces.

We have a commitment to making our business a safe and welcoming place for all and will continue to learn and develop in this area. We welcome any comments and suggestions you have; please get in touch via email at

Abuse and/or discrimination of any kind towards other attendees, tutors, vendors and organisers will not be tolerated and will result in you being escorted from the site immediately with no refund or readmittance. Attendance at our events in any capacity is contingent upon compliance with this policy.

*Edited on 9th October 2020 to include the community on Mighty Networks and our Zoom rooms.

*Edited on 16th June 2021 to include our Knit-Tea Society on Patreon and to remove the MN group.