Virtual Summer Retreat, June 2020

Come and experience a “Retreat”…in the comfort of your own home!



We were so sad to have to postpone our June retreat as we were so looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you once again to everyone who was willing and able to roll over their place to next year. But we didn’t want to miss out completely and so we had a chat and decided that there were certain parts of the retreat that we could offer online. So while it won’t be quite as good as sharing enormous slices of cake and cups of tea, progress on knitting projects and many laughs all in the same place, we think it will still be fun!

The (Virtual) Knit-Tea Retreat, 13th & 14th June
IG Live and Facebook Live on June 13th.
Opportunities to join in and win prizes all weekend!
Bingo and a Virtual Bring and Take Table on June 13th
Online Marketplace, scheduled vendor IG Lives and Yarn Crawl on June 14th (with more prizes!)

Live video Knit-ins!

On June 13th, join us for tea and cake at 11am on IG Live (I’m afraid you’ll have to bring your own refreshments this time!). We’ll have a sit and knit, we’ll answer questions and we’ll draw prizes for both our most recent Knit-Along on Ravelry and for those Stratford-upon-Avon Retreaters who have agreed to roll over their places for next year.

At 6pm we will be live in our new Facebook Group for another sit and knit (maybe with a glass of something a little stronger than tea?) so be sure that you have joined the group in advance to make sure you will be there. During this broadcast we will remind you about the raffle for those of you who are participating in the Virtual Retreat. There are many ways that you can do this, including posting the badge on this page on your own social media pages (#virtualKnitTeaRetreat) or watching and commenting on one of our live videos. Also, we’ll be talking about the Market on Sunday and the Virtual Yarn Crawl (more details below).

Bring and Take

All weekend, you will have the opportunity to take part in our Virtual Bring and Take Table. If you haven’t seen this before, it is a chance to pass on your craft materials that you no longer need to someone else, and maybe pick up something that someone else has no need of but that would delight you! The rules for this are simple:

  1. Post a picture on social media (most people will probably use Instagram, but feel free to try Twitter or Facebook if you are more comfortable there) with a full description of what you are offering, and include the hashtag #virtualbringandtaketable so that your offerings can be found.
  2.  Make clear if you are willing or not to post internationally.
  3. The lucky receiver is responsible for postage charges.
  4. Please take no risks when posting your craft items out, and if you can’t mail until lockdown is fully lifted, please make this clear in your initial post so that the receiver doesn’t worry about the parcel being lost in the mail.
  5. Bear in mind the extra time that mail is taking to arrive at destinations and allow plenty of time before chasing the sender for details.


Bingo card - Word 10_06_2020 21_38_42 (3)

You should be able to save the bingo card onto your device, but a screenshot will work just as well if not! In order to cross off squares you will need to take part in various retreat-themed activities. Once you’ve completed your card, post a picture of your completed bingo card on social media with the hashtag #virtualKTRbingo. We will draw bingo prizes in the week following the retreat and will notify the lucky winners shortly thereafter!



On Sunday 14th June our online marketplace will be open all day. We have a wonderful selection of vendors lined up, including:

    • Cartref Yarn
    • Owl About Yarn
    • Riverknits
    • Beaker Button
    • WildWoven
    • JoKnitSew
    • The Woolist
    • Flourish Fibres
    • Mindful Magpie
    • Wool Is The Answer
    • Yarnaddict by Anniken Allis
    • Charlie Button Yarns
    • Emily Foulds
    • Colourful Creativity
    • Dragon Hill Studios
    • Ffolky Ffelt
To visit our virtual marketplace, please go to

Through the day there will be a series of scheduled Instagram Live videos from some of our vendors (and us – we’ll be showing up again!). Here is the schedule so that you can plan which ones you would like to attend. It’s a great opportunity to show support for the vendors, ask questions, put in cheeky requests, all the sort of things you might do at a real yarn festival!IG schedule virtual marketplace

Yarn Crawl

We will also be hosting an online yarn crawl, with the aim of supporting the wonderful vendors participating in the market. They have generously offered oodles of gorgeous prizes for people who participate. Here’s how it will work. On market day, we will post on Instagram and Facebook. Each time you support a Knit-Tea Retreat Market Stall you should come and post a comment on our post, telling us what you did. After the weekend we will make a list of everyone who has commented and we will draw the prize winners. 

Supporting a market vendor can be done in many ways (so lots of ways to potentially win prizes!). The most obvious way is to buy from one of the participating businesses. However, we know that budgets are a bit tighter at the moment so once your yarn money is exhausted why not support them by reposting an Instagram post or joining an Instagram Live or Facebook Live? You could make an Instagram post to show your fantasy shopping trip (if money were no object and you could have a sweater quantity of yarn from everywhere, for instance!). We are looking for activity which helps promote our vendors so use your imagination and see if you can come up with something we’ve not thought of!

We really hope that you like the look of our planned weekend. It will be open to anyone who is interested so if you have friends who you think would like to take part, please send them a link to this website and encourage them to join our brand new Facebook group and follow us on Instagram