Retreat Planning

High-powered business meetings!

I do love having high-powered business meetings with one of my very best friends! For a start, we talk the same language (yarn and tea). We have the same requirements (tea, biscuits and yarn). And, we can enjoy ourselves while we’re making decisions!

This afternoon, we had a very productive meeting and made lots of decisions about things like when we’re going to let you in on all the retreat information, who the tutors are and what classes they will be teaching. We even decided on the contents of the goody bags – incredibly organised! Of course, we were very well fuelled…

Knit-Tea Retreat planning meeting
I feel compelled to point out that the chocolate finger biscuits were symmetrical two minutes earlier, but Zoe snarfled a biscuit as soon as she got near to them!
Mid-meeting for the Knit-Tea Retreat
Fruit Shortcake biscuits were crucial to my thought processes.
If the success of the meeting was in proportion to the amount of tea and biscuits consumed, this was an extremely profitable afternoon!

All in all, despite us both feeling very tired, I think we managed to get lots of things sorted out, and we’re really looking forward to revealing all our plans to you over the coming weeks! If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will hear all the news at least a day earlier than Joe Public, and will have first dibs on places at the retreat. So, if you’ve not already signed up, click here and do it now!

Jennie xx

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