Retreat Planning

Four weeks left!

Just four short weeks and we will be in the thick of our first Stratford-upon-Avon retreat! I’m so excited for it to come around. The Cardiff one was just a joy from start to finish and everyone was a little sad to go back to normal life when it was done!

We’re finalising preparations now, so goody bags are being arranged and vendors for the Sunday mini-market are being confirmed.

Last weekend Zoë and I were at Wonderwool Wales once again, and it was really lovely to see some past and future retreaters there. We also had a fair few people express interest in coming to future retreats, so they have been added to the newsletter list!

The main excitement last weekend though was that Zoë and I launched our brand new joint project, Cartref Yarn. The yarn has been a Work In Progress for over a year now, so it was wonderful to bring the Finished Object to exhibit. A few sweater quantities were acquired and many smaller project amounts. We will be launching online at next Friday evening, so if you want to get your hands on some completely Welsh wool, visit there or our website I’m in the process of writing up the whole story behind the yarn for our website.


I’ll be writing again soon to tell you more about the marketplace on Sunday 2nd June which will be open to the public as well as our retreaters. For now, back to goody bag plotting!

Jennie x


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