Nearly booking time again

On Saturday, the form will go live for newsletter subscribers to book their place at our October Cardiff retreat. I’m so excited to find out who will be joining us, and which classes you decide to do. I have to say, I don’t envy you trying to narrow down the choice, given that I would happily take any one of the seven workshops. I really need to find a time turner, or a TARDIS!

These are our workshops for October 2020:

named tutors

Karie Westermann

  • Estonian Lace
  • Knitting the Landscape

Sylvia Watts-Cherry

  • Fun with Colour in Knitting
  • Cast on Cast Off

Mina Philipp

  • Spinning on a Drop Spindle for Beginners
  • Pattern Hacking

Mathew Browne

  • Photography for Knitters

Leave a comment in the box below and tell me, what would be your first choice of workshop and why?

2 thoughts on “Nearly booking time again

  1. Hi Jennie

    I can’t wait! But I’ve got a question about one of Karie Westermann’s workshops – is it Estonian Lace, or is it Little Effort, Big Effect, that’s shown when you click through to the website?


    Mary (booksprink)


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