Three days until booking begins!

Only three days! It seemed so long away when we worked out our calendar in the summer, but the time has flown by as it always does, and now we’re getting to excited to find out who will be joining us in Cardiff next year!

In three days, on Saturday afternoon, all our newsletter subscribers will receive an email with a link to the booking form. Unfortunately as we have to limit the places on the retreat due to class sizes and the size of the location it will be on and first come, first served basis. So, once we have received the applications,  we will send out paypal invoices to our applicants in the same order as we receive the completed forms back. Applicants then have 72 hours to pay the deposit and officially reserve their place. If 72 hours pass and the deposit is not paid, and if we have a waiting list, we reserve the right to offer the place to the next person in line.  

We’d really recommend that you read our terms and conditions before filling in the form, as you will be asked to tick a box on the form to signify that you agree to abide by them. Also, have a look at the class list on our Tutors page so that you can plan your order of preference in advance too!

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