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Five months to go!

My days, the seven months since we took bookings for our first Knit-Tea Retreat have flown by! Five months today we will be getting right into our first workshops and having a fabulous time at Insole Court! Five months tomorrow will be our first Knit-Tea Marketplace, a gathering of a wonderful group of makers who will be tempting you with their wares. Even if you’re not attending the retreat, the marketplace will be open to the public and so we’d love to see you there, supporting independent companies and creators. We will be releasing a full list of exhibitors in a couple of weeks on our next podcast.

We’re in the middle of our Renee Callahan Knitalong – are you taking part? There are prizes on offer for participants, and I’m still upset that Zoe won’t let me be in on the draws! I’m knitting an Angelus Novus cardigan, and the original triangular shawl which will make up the back of the cardigan is coming on nicely. I know Zoe has planned to knit some Christmas baubles, but I don’t think she has found the time to start just yet. She has picked out the yarn though, so she’s as good as there!

Right, I’m off to enjoy this gorgeous May day with my family; happy crafting to you all!

Jennie x

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